Land Subdivision

The study of subdividing a land/parcels into multiple plots that may include roads in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Land Merging

The study of merging adjacent plots of land with the same zoning classification in accordance with the approved zoning maps.

Land Rezoning Study

Examining the zoning/possibility of rezoning of a plot of land or plots of lands in accordance with the technical and planning studies.

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Freeze Parcel

Examining the Government applications to temporarily freeze a plot of land/lands because it is affected by development projects.

Freeze Parcel Removal

Examining the applications to unfreeze a plot of land from building permit system in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Plot Boundary Zoning

To study the possibility of adjusting the zoning boundary for one or multiple plots, in accordance with the boundary of the title deed.

Parcel Inquiry

To inquire about the condition of the plot within an unplanned area, an area under study, or a plot to modify its status.


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